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I love designing jewelry that reminds women of their own beauty.
— Hadley Kennedy

Genuine beauty doesn’t demand attention. It’s simple, elegant, and pure - beauty is found in being your truest self.

This beauty is easily lost or forgotten in a world of unrealistic standards and constant demands, and my mission is to bring that beauty back into the light.  

Your beauty is worth being showcased - oftentimes jewelry is designed to be the focal point, but I create pieces for the purpose of putting you on display.  My designs are handcrafted to accent your natural wonder.

I started making jewelry because I want women to feel comfortable in their own skin - to look in the mirror and love who they already are. To fashion pieces that are delicate, simple, refined and “just right.”

My favorite thing in the world is hearing women tell me how my jewelry has become uniquely theirs, and is now part of their personal story.  What is your Hadley Frances story? I’d love to hear how our jewelry has helped you see the beauty inside of you. Let me know at



About Hadley

In 2006, Hadley started crafting her own line and was first picked up by several local boutiques in Honolulu, HI. She continued to design and worked with lapidary and silversmithing and furthered her skill by learning the art of stone setting and goldsmithing through an apprenticeship. During her career she accepted a paid internship to work with Britain’s premier jewelry company, Boodles. Now, Hadley has designed her own brand and line of everyday wear and fine jewelry pieces.